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Blue and White Impressions II

Hyobin Kwon's 6th Solo Exhibition

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JARS AND MEMORIES     2015.10.13 - 10. 20   SIA NY GALLERY

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J&M PINE 21X34.jpg
J&M BAMBOO 21x34.jpg
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Jars and Memories
In my childhood in Korea, my little and precious treasures contained in clear and little glass bottle (smooth bird feathers, gold beetles, round pebbles etc.). The glass bottle was hidden in corner of drawer to avoid the observation of adults. I used to take out those treasure and appreciated them, which was the happiest moment of my childhood. In those days, glass bottle lead me to very special and attractive moment of my own.
Beyond time and space, I am in New York walking in the path of artists, through this exhibition, ‘butterfly’ will extend the border of space and memories from those childhood and free the limitation of space by achieving the movement of space. Metropolitan life in New York is Beautiful but requires patience, endeavor and sacrifice as if a larva needs to endure long time in dark ground or clinging to tree branches in stormy wind so larva turns into pupa, and then to a butterfly spreads its first wings at the end. As if butterfly spread its wings after long crouching in it, human can endure at this time for his or her dream, this time of crouching will become precious memories and stories in the future.
As each butterfly has spent time as a pupa hidden in a different color and shape in it, human also lives conceal their own memories in their own unique way.
This New York Exhibition gives opportunity to build a new sets of memories by remembering and dismantling past memories, memories in Korea and presence in New York, through the medium of ‘jars’ and 'butterflies’.

Blue and White Impressions

‘Blue and White Impressions’ Solo Exhibition

2009.6.20 - 6.25

TangYun Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China

‘A window into Korea’ Solo Exhibition

2010.5.29 - 6.7


Blue and White Impression

Finally, after summarizing the experience and lessons of the historical development of   China and Korea’s traditional art of painting blue and white porcelain this thesis will point out the problems facing the art of contemporary ceramics and painting, the contradictions between passing down the tradition and creating new styles, and other problems such as a lack of blending with the whole realm of art.  Regarding the trend of blue and white porcelain painting, the author according to her own experience,  advocates the blending of the art of ceramics and painting, especially the combination of blue and white porcelain and freehand brushwork painting in the hope of making the space for development of blue and white porcelain even more varied.

Keywords:  blue and white porcelain, freehand brushwork painting, Chinese blue and white porcelain, Korean blue and white porcelain, space for development

-From Doctoral thesis 2009

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