Hyobin Kwon



PhD , Chinese painting, The China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China, 2009                        

First foreign person to obtain a doctorate in Chinese bird-and-flower painting Art History in China

MFA , Chinese painting, The China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, China, 2004

BFA , Calligraphy Major, Kei Myung University, Daegu, Korea, 2000



New York Chashama Studio, Artist-in-residence

New York Korean Artist Association, Executive Vice-Chairman

Korean American Cultural Arts Foundation USA (KACAF), Chairman of

the Asian Painting Subcommittee

Member of the Korea Literary Painting Association

Member and translator of West Lake International Artists Association

Painter, Research Institute of Chinese painting art of West Lake, Hangzhou, China

Member of Asian Art Association

Instructor at Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages (Korean) 2005-2008

Instructor at Sarah’s Art School, New Jersey (Calligraphy, Asian painting ) 2015-

Instructor at Remnant Church Korean School (Calligraphy, Asian painting) 2016-

Instructor at Borough of Manhattan Community College (CUNY) 2017

Instructor at Korean Culture Center (Calligraphy) 2017-

Prof. of  RUTGERS University 2019-



2020  'Inspiration of Ink' Inviting Solo Exhibition,

      Leonard J. Hansen Gallery at the Englewood Public Library, New Jersey

2018  'Blue and White Impressions II' Solo Exhibition, Chashama Gallery, New York

2016  The Lotus & Water Lily Festival Inviting Solo Exhibition, Washington DC

2015  'JARS and MEMORIES' Solo Exhibition, SIA NY Gallery, New York  

2012  Korean American Senior Citizen Association of New Jersey Inviting Solo Exhibition,

      Pine Plaza & Korean American Senior Citizen Association Committee Art Hall, New Jersey

2010  ‘A window into Korea’ Solo Exhibition, Jing Dian Art Gallery, Beijing, China

2009  ‘Blue and White Impressions’ Solo Exhibition, TangYun Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China 



2019  'ANIMA MUNDI' Itsliquid International Art Festival, Venice, Italy

2019  'KFAA International Art Exchange Exhibition', Kimboseong Art Center, Seoul, Korea

2019  'Liaison II' Group Exhibition, Kate Oh Gallery, New York

2019  The 12th YESAMO Invitational Art Exhibition, Jersey City Hall, New Jersey

2019  'SOSABUL Art Festival', Pyeong Taek Ho Art Gallery, Pyeong Taek

2019  'Seas Trees Birds & Bees' , Rainforest Art Foundation, New York

2019  'Chicago Korean Art Exhibition' 116th Anniversary of Korean American Day Cultural Celebration Exhibition, Richard J. Daley Civic Center, Chicago

2018  'All Art under the Sun' 90th Anniversary of China Academy of Art and 40th Anniversary of Education for Overseas students Exchange Exhibition, Hangzhou

2018  'MOSAIC IV' Korean-New York Artist Group Exhibition, Riverside Gallery, New Jersey

2018  'Around Us' Group Exhibition, Kate Oh Gallery, New York

2018  The 11th YESAMO Invitational Art Exhibition, Jersey City Hall, New Jersey

2018  Sarah's Art School Annual Group Exhibition, Palisades Park Public Library, New Jersey

2018  'KACAL Together, LA' Annual Exhibition, The Korea Daily Cultural Center, Los Angeles

2018  'Jazz Night & Art Show" Invitation Exhibition, Korean Culture Center, New York

2017  'The Line of Korea' the 12th KACAF International Art Competition Selected Exhibition, K&P   Gallery, New York

2017  'Korea Art & Soul' Korean-American Culture Art Festival Inviting Exhibition, Historic Old School, Maryland

2017  'MOSAIC III' Korean-New York Artist Group Exhibition, MOKAH Gallery, New York

2017  'The 24th Korea Art International Grand Exhibition', Seoul, Korea

2016  Asia Contemporary Art Show Hong Kong 2016, Conrad Hong Kong, Hong Kong

2016  'Minimal Art Pop-Up store' Art Show, K&P Gallery, New York

2016  'SHARE' IDA New York 8th Group Exhibition, K&P Gallery, New York

2016  ART EXPO NEW YORK 2016, Pier 94, New York

2016  'MOSAIC II' Korean-New York Artist Group Exhibition, Riverside Gallery, New Jersey

2016  9thYouth Art Award and Invitational Art Exhibition, Jersey City Hall, New Jersey

2015  KACAL 2015 Annual Exhibition, Long Island University Hutchins Gallery, New York

2015  'MOSAIC' Korean-New York Artist Group Exhibition, SIA NY Gallery, New York  


2015  Youth Art Award & Invitational Art Exhibition, Jersey City Hall, New Jersey   


2014  New York World Art Festival, Flushing Town Hall, New York     


2014  Korean American Contemporary Arts, Ltd, Group Exhibition, Riverside Gallery, New Jersey


2014  'The Night of Artist' Inviting Exhibition, Press Gallery, New Jersey   


2014  Korean-New York Artist Association Art Fair, Riverside Gallery, New Jersey


2014  The 7th Annual Jersey City Invitational Art Exhibition, Jersey City Hall, New Jersey


2013  Korean American Contemporary Arts, Ltd, Group Exhibition, Elga Wimmer PCC., New York

2013  Cheongju International Art Fair, Gallery Sin Sang, Korea


2013  'Summer' First Juried Group Show, Press Center Gallery, New Jersey 


2012  Korean American Contemporary Arts, Ltd, Group Exhibition, Riverside Gallery, New Jersey

2012  'The Night of Artist' Inviting Exhibition, Press Center Gallery, New Jersey


2012  Invitational Art Exhibition and Youth Art Contest, Jersey City Hall, New Jersey


2012  ‘BIG QUEENS DRAWING SHOW’ Exhibition, Jamaica Arts Center, New York 


2012  Korean Artists Group Exhibition, New York            


2012  'Spring Up' New Year Show, The International Center , New York


2010  ‘Creativity Lighting Up Beijing Week of Culture and Art’, Beijing  


2009  ‘Art about West Lake’ Famous Painter’s Exchanging Exhibition of

      International Art Forum, Hangzhou

2009  ‘Mo Yun Qing Feng’ International Calligraphy,

      Painting and Seal Exchange Exhibition, Beijing

2009  ‘Painting Collection among the Populace’ Group Exhibition, Hangzhou 

2009  ‘Gaodaoli’ Exhibition, Korean Cultural Service, Shanghai 

2008  ‘Art Spring’ Master’s & Doctor’s Degree Students’ Group Exhibition, Hangzhou

2007  ‘Dream in Zhejiang’, Fine Arts, Calligraphy, Photography Exhibition, Hangzhou

2006  China-Korea Young Artists’ Exhibition, Ningbo                               

2004  New Generation of Korea-China Women’s Calligraphy and Literati Painting Exhibition, Seoul

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Documentary Film                                                              2011

<CHINA RIGHT HERE “China due to more beautiful you”>

(16th Nov, 2011) by CCTV9 released on China 


Documentary Film                                                              2011

by National China Tianjin Broadcasting, 1, 2 Volumes

(30th Jan, 2011 / 6th Feb, 2011) 

<CHINA RIGHT HERE “A window into Korea- Painter Hyo Bin Kwon”>

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Art Trees Magazine – Interview                                               April 2011

 The Blue and White on Korean Window

Beijing Walk (China National Magazine) – Introduce and Report                      Oct 2010

 Creativity Lighting Up Beijing Week of Culture and Art

Time Out Beijing Online Magazine – Focus People Interview                     8th June 2010

 Establishing a New Style of Blue and White Flowers and Birds Painting


International Work of Art Magazine – Interview                               28th May 2010

 Art of Kwon Hyo Bin, unique art world


Time Out Beijing – Interview and News                                     26th May 2010

Kwon Hyo Bin Solo Exhibition


Hangzhou Magazine – Interview                                            9th July 2009

 A Korean artist’s ten years sojourn by West Lake

Intouch Magazine (Zhejiang City) – Interview                                    July 2009

 Inspired and Inspring : Korean Artist in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Weekly – Interview                                              15th Jun 2009

Korean Artist’s Original Approach to Ancient Art

Shanghai Journal – An introduction in “Practice”                              14th Mar 2009

Morning Express – Translator for Korean Artists in Hangzhou                    3rd May 2009


Donated Painting for RUTGERS UNIVERSITY, New Jersey                            2019

Donated Painting for Esther Ha Foundation, New York                                 2019

Donated Painting for Korean Culture Center, New York                                 2018

Donated Painting for Kate Oh Gallery, New York                                      2018


Donated Painting for REMNANT CHURCH, New York                                2017

Donated Painting for Korean American Community Foundation (KACF)                   2016

Donated Painting for P.S.116, New York                                             2016

Donated Painting for Korea Art Gallery, New Jersey                                    2014

Donated Painting for Gallery Sin Sang, Seoul, Korea                                   2013

Donated Painting for Vice President of ‘HYUNDAI- MOTORS’, Korea                    2012

Invited “Art Charity Night”, Organized by the Overseas                                 2011

Chinese Economic and Cultural Foundation of China,

Donated painting for the Western China Poverty Women Charity fund, Beijing, China

Donated Painting for 100 Year’s Celebration of An-Dong Church. Korea                   2010

Donated Paintings for Ningbo Ideal Anticorrosion Material Co., Ltd., Ningbo, China         2010

Donated Painting for Jing Dian Art Gallery, Beijing, China                             2010


Donated Paintings for THE OPENDOOR Presbyterian church, Hangzhou, China       2009

Donated Paintings for Tang Yun Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China                          2009

Donated Paintings for West Lake International Artists Association                        2008

Donated Paintings for Cixi Huadong The lighter Textile City, Ningbo, China               2008


Achievement Award by 12th KACAF International Art Competition "The Line of Korea"   2017

Certificate of Award by Korean-American Cultural Arts Foundation                      2017

Excellence Award at "The 24th Korea Art International Grand Exhibition", Seoul, Korea      2017

Artist Award by STEVE M. FULOP, MAYOR of Jersey City                            2015

Achievement Award by the Korean-New York Artist Association               2014, 2016, 2018

Certification of Achievement by the Press Center Gallery                               2013

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